Monday, December 13, 2010

ner36: Carbon4'Teen/T.I.M split CD

Artist(s) Name :
Carbon4'Teen (poppunk, punk rock, hardcore) and T.I.M (punk rock)
Release title: Crypto-Soldier and the Promised Land
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM10/RM10 by mail
Release Date in Malaysia: 14 December 2010
Qty Press: 1000 (we got 150 copies)
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 80
Front cover artwork by: Apis C14


1. Envious (C14)
2. ^ killed, 9 badly Injured (C14)

3. Thing (C14)
4. The Betrayal Song (C14)
5. RFS (Hypocriite) (C14)
6. Sejahtera Keatas Mu (TIM)
7. Coming Back (TIM)
8. Sparks from up high is the way to go (TIM)
9. Lesu (TIM)
10. Bertaut Berpaut (TIM)

Notes: -

Friday, December 10, 2010

ner 35: Soul Savior 'Punk My Ride' CD

Artist(s) Name :
Soul Savior (melodic punk)
Release title: Punk My Ride
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM10/RM10 by mail
Release Date in Malaysia: 6 December 2010
Qty Press: 1000 (we got 137 copies)
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 40
Front cover artwork by: Arep Picnic


1. Transversal Momentum (intro)
2. Rockoholic

3. Hidup Berantakan
4. Heavy Mental
5. Running Out of Life
6. Starlets
7. Menyusur Awan
8. Romanticizing The Revolution

Notes: -

Thursday, December 9, 2010

launching party of our new releases

We've helped in releasing Soul Savior mini-album and T.I.M/Carbon4Teen split EP. So, this is the launching party. Will update about the releases soon. Both are sold at RM10 only.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ner 34: Bollok Wok vol. 4

Artist(s) Name :
Whippersnapper, CockSayCockDung, Kasih Sayang, Stone Lemon, Maverick, Superzealous, Never Found, The Let's Go, 24 Caliberletter, ClumsyRuby, The Guaner & Dead Eyes Glow.
Genre: Punk Rock, Metalcore, Grunge & Indie.
Release title: Bollok Wok Vol. 4 (Revolution)
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM6/RM7 by mail (RM10 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date in Malaysia: 1 July 2010

Qty Press: 100
Status: out of stock

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: Anyx Crysis


1. C++ (whippersnapper)
2. Moron (cocksaycockdung)
3. N.I.S.B (cocksaycockdung)
4. Plastik (kasih sayang)
5. Spider Web (kasih sayang)
6. Destiny (Stone Lemon)
7. Shadow (stone lemon)
8. Nude & Clear (Maverick)
9. Story Untold (Maverick)
10. Runaway (Superzealous)
11. Operasi Malam (Never Found)
12. Wanderlast (Whippersnapper)
13. Be Yourself (The Let's Go)
14. Desperateyana (24 Caliberletter)
15. Twelvefiftytwo (24 Caliberletter)
16. My Dreamlover is a Punk Hater (Clumsy Ruby)
17. Have A Nice Day (Clumsy Ruby)
18. Situasi (The Guaner)
19. Burn Down Escuria (Dead Eyes Glow)
20. Deathstar and the bloody skies (Dead Eyes Glow)
21. Song for Friends (The Let's Go)

Notes: The forth installment of Bollok Wok compilation series that documents Terengganu independent and hardcore punk bands. A project by Crysis Records with the support from Nervhous Records

Monday, August 30, 2010

colourama 2010

our friends are organizing this, so yeah, support!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free printed distro list/flyers/stickers!

Just text us at 0179639316 and type distrolist space your name and address and get free goodies; flyers, latest printed distro list and stickers too. So, what are you waiting for?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Backyard Surgeons in Malaysia

Backyard Surgeons from Australia will tour Malaysia/Singapore with Always Last during raya month. We have their CDs (5 copies left) for only RM11 ppd or RM10 by hand. Free posters!

This event will also see the launching of Johnny Not Gangster's ep. Free Cds for early birds.

ner 33: Johnny Not Gangster 'Only Walk' CDR

Artist(s) Name : Johnny Not Gangster
Release title: Only Walk
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM5/RM6 by mail
Release Date in Malaysia: 21 June 2010
Qty Press: 300
Status: Not Available :(

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: ?


1. Only Walk
2. Wanna Be A Hero
3. Happy Song
4. My Wet Imagination
5. J.N.G

Notes: -

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toxictoy at Singapore this Saturday!

One of the best local poppunk band these days, better catch them whenever you can!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ner 32: Thy Regiment 'Forgive and Forget' CD

Artist(s) Name : Thy Regiment
Release title: Forgive And Forget
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM12/RM13 by mail (RM15 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date in Malaysia: 1 July 2010
Qty Press: 1000
Status: No longer available

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: Shah Always Last



Sunday, June 27, 2010

ner 31: Never Found 'Nothing's Free' CDR

Artist(s) Name :
Never Found
Release title: Nothing's Free
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM6/RM7 by mail (RM9 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date in Malaysia: 19 June 2010
Qty Press: 300
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 5
Front cover artwork by: ?


1. Lies, Truth, Nothing's free
2. Science Deteriorate
3. I'm Alone
4. Si Kecil
5. Together Forever
6. Operasi Malam

Notes: Co-released with the band members and Crysis Records

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mari Bergonjeng release party!

Release party for Stick No Bill's CD, Johnny Comes Lately's CD and also Mosh zine #13...
There will be a screening of Edge Documentary Movie after the gig, the film makers will also be there.

ps: flyer dah lame kuar baru nk post.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nervhous @ BadgerM Midnight Sale

we were invited to open a booth at this event this weekend!! do come join the fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always Last's antidotes review in MRR

"if Fat Wreck Chords ever opens up a Malaysian office, then Always Last ought to be the first signing. They have managed to distill that signature "Fat Sound" (i.e Bad Religion filtered through the lens of NOFX, ending up like a cross between No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Propagandhi), sing in perfect english, and faithfully reproduce the variety melodic pop-punk styles that early randy did so well. Always Last, of course, might scoff at the likes of Fat. The lyrics and liner notes are staunchly independent/diy-'til-death, and the record is co-released by three different Malaysian labels (i just picked one here to list arbitrarily). Personally, methinks it's pretty excellent all around (a little off-key singing notwithstanding), though its always trifle odd to think of the, ahem, reach of cultural imperialism that such western sounds (and ideas) can be reproduced wholesale. but there you go, that's internationalism for you!!" (Ramsey Kanaan)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bulat Always Last weds!

Top: Gone, Inshah, Nizang, Bulat, Ira, Nita, Norly, Akmal, Buyeng
Middle: Man, Nama, Salman, Tobek,
Front: Reff, Ajai, Shah, Min, Iman

who's next?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Always Last on tour with Overdose

Always Last will be on tour all February with China's OVERDOSE. This is one of the flyers. Check AL's blog for more flyers and news updates.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nudist Island pix (from their collection)

at Putrajaya before going to the airport

Upin dan Ipin fans (at alamanda)

after the gig, at KLCC

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nervhous on Flickr!

So, these days Fara Haslin Khalid was always around, snapping photos of our smiley faces. And instead of uploading some of the pics here and there, she decided to have a flickr account just for us, thanks a lot!!!

Nervhous on Flickr

Monday, January 18, 2010

ner30: Stick No Bill 'Nobody' CDR

Artist(s) Name : Stick No Bill
Release title: Nobody
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM6/RM7 by mail (RM9 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date in Malaysia: 16 Jan 2010
Length: coming soon
Qty Press: 300
Status: Out of stock

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: Ajai, Amert


1. Intro
2. Nobody
3. Perjalanan
4. Pengemis Tua
5. Hanya Di Radio (headwind)

Notes: Limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered!

NER29.5: Whippersnipper 'Demo 2009' CDR

Artist(s) Name : Whippersnapper (previously known as Rebel For X)
Release title: Demo 2009
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM3/RM4 by mail (RM6 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date: December 2009
Qty Press: N/A
Status: sold out :(

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: N/A


1. Wonderlust
2. C++
3. Whipping Boy

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eye-hurting bright colors (the analysis of color in Nervhous)

The other day at the Paka gig, my friend Kudin of Rebel For X asked, “is yellow Nervhous Records’ theme color?”

Shah also said the calendar design reminded him of the Bollok Wok comp. because of the same color, yellow.

It made me realized about all the color themes for Nervhous releases/projects. I admit my favorite colors are Red, Orange and Yellow, as the title suggests. Okay, let’s take a look.


Bollok Wok Vol. 3: I tried using either orange or yellow, and finalized with yellow.

Struck A Nerve Tour campaign: I just wanted to add color, I think I accidentally again, chosen yellow for the campaign.

Senandung Pawer-Kord: We worked as a team to design this one. I think I suggested yellow (again!), and the others agreed.

Always Last ‘Antidotes’: Also yellowish color for the cover, but I wasn’t involve at all in the design part.

Toxictoy ‘Amazingly Realistic Puke!’: Again, it’s yellow colored, but I’m not involved at all in the design part, it was Eman.

Skunkfix ‘The First Two Demos’: It’s bright yellow again. If I’m not mistaken, Emy (the frontman) did the front cover design. I only did the band font design for that release.


The Twosome Takeover: Red, Black, White. I like these colors combination when I was in high school. Black and Red was always a good color combination in my eyes, since I got Metallica’s black album.

Time Is Monkey: Red. No, I’m not involved in the designing at all.

Punkrock Paradox: The color was red-ish brown. But it was designed by Rizie.

Dum Dum Tak ‘Hentikan Penindasan’: The CD color was red, yeah purely for my love of red!

Last Strive ‘Kuasa Kita’: Not my work at all.


Nervhous blog header: I love orange!