Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

we are not here just for music

Just now I was in the car with Zaki and we chatted about the scene, and as usual, the good old days and stuffs. We were talking about lack of zines nowadays and how the ethics are being left out by some of us who take hardcore and punk as just music.

Thus, I got an idea to make a campaign, a small campaign. How? At the back of each releases we're doing after this, we'll put a small line stating something like Nervhous and (insert band name) are totally against sexism, racism, fascism, and homophobic.

Well, Always Last already did it on their self-titled demo. Remember how Strange Culture Records always have this anti drugs abusing on each of their releases, yes something like that!

So, other labels can do the same, you know nowadays fanzines are rare to be seen at gigs. If there's any, some kids don't bother to buy and read them anyway. So, this way, I think maybe at least the kids can look up on the google the meaning of these words and not assuming that punk rock is all about going to shows, buy shirts and make a band only.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

account number

Bank-in/transfer your money to us to order the stuffs;

162441057901 (Maybank)


14210065808522 (CIMB)

under the name Ahmad Nizamuddin Abdullah

After bank-in, do sms us the amount you transferred and the list of stuffs you want.

Our number: 017.963.9316

Alternatively, you can mail your well-hidden cash to our address.

Thank You.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Give and Take featuring Bad Omen gig report

Thanks to the kids who came and made the Bad Omen show in KL a success yesterday. Bad Omen plus the frontman's wife and kid arrived at Pudu Termimal at 3pm. The gig started exactly at 4pm.
The band who kick-start the show was The Korok, a horror punk band, the latest addition in Nervhous family. They did some cover songs of the Misfits along with one own composition. I was busy at the door managing the entrance, so I only went in to take some photos.

Second band was Orange Free State who recently released their CDEP 'This City!', they played their songs from the CD and the crowd was chilling a bit with their noise pop. I was still busy at the door, and that's just my assuming, haha!
Up next was Cock Say Cock Dung from Kuala Terengganu. They played four songs from their recently release EP and two covers. I was invited to sing on those two covers; 'Lawan Diktataor' by Marjinal and 'Petrol Petrol Petrol' by DumDumTak. The crowds started to get more crazier and sang along.

Plague of Happiness brought along a friend from Japan, G-Sey and he played some songs acoustically for us.

The calm and soothing songs from G-Sey, was then changed with total heavy grinding madness by Spermblast. Crazy headbanging from the band members and crowd.

After hard-hitting grinding, we again calm down a bit with Polaris, a band who need no introduction in the post-rock (?) music scene. They also recently released an EP, and played songs from the EP and some old songs.
I missed to see Skunkfix's set but I watched the crazy set from the door. They played some new and old songs with Akmal (guitar hero punk rocker from T.I.M) as the guitarist. At this time, Tobek slammed and fell down so hard and he was resting in the car all the way after that and also was sent to hospital later that night. Wish he'll be okay.
After Skunkfix, Carburetor Dung played and followed by Plague of Happiness and Second Combat. As everyone is familiar with these bands set, I think I shouldn't elaborate more.

Finally, Bad Omen from Philippines took the stage and did the songs on their new album 'God is Everywhere' as well as some old songs. Mostly in English whilst some in their native language.

The gig ended at about 9.45pm with 100 people paid to enter. We gave some money to Bad Omen and Cock Say Cock Dung (who rented a Kenari to come to KL). The balance, we will give to our friend (RM300+), Fael who needs some money for his medication cost. Well, he needs a lot actually, but that's just some little portion we could give to his family. The idea to have a benefit gig for Fael atcually came from Nas of Plague of Happiness a couple of months ago.

Thanks to all the bands and kids who came, buy the stuffs on sale, selling some stuffs, helped here and there. See you guys at the next gig!

More photos here

Friday, April 17, 2009

destrucTV finally ready for you!

Buy this VCD at Bad Omen gig tomorrow!

distro stuff review #4-Full Pledge Munkees 'Pick it Up!' CD

Full Pledge Munkees ‘Pick it Up!’ (Nyaring)

Ska punk with horns from Singapore. Fuck the first and third tracks play on and on in my head, the lyrics are so jiwang karat but this band make jiwang karat lyrics cool again. This band went to many places around Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak all through out 2007 to promote this album on the ‘Kawan tour’ along with Plague of Happiness. Nyaring Records, 70 Jalan 9/5, Taman Air Biru, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia or or

Notes: Band featured in ROTTW March '09
Quantity in Distro: 27
Price: RM20/RM21ppd

Thursday, April 16, 2009

will be released in Malaysia soon by us...

Indonesian skin/punks Party Time from Jakarta...

distro stuff review #3 -Nuisance Drilled 'All is well, Euphoric ending'

Nuisance Drilled on this recording consists of 3 members of Sarjan Hassan and 1 member from Banzai 606 which both are thrash core bands. But if you think this is another thrashcore band, you might be slightly wrong. They're more towards sludgecore with rocking guitar solos and vocals screaming as if he's seeing ghosts or maybe suffering unbearable pain. Hahah!

This CDEP contains 6 tracks with samples from 'Enam Jahanam' movie between each song. A very 'artistic' and 'conceptual' EP. Come in digipack with the frontman's artwork scattered all over the inlay.

Final sample is a revenge conversation from the movie, probably showing the revenge of the band after waiting too long to release this CD.

Notes: -
Quantity in Distro: 10
Price: RM10/RM11ppd

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nervhous Breakdown in Bandung

As some of you might already know, 2 of our comrades in Nervhous Records are flying to Jakarta tonight and will be spending 3 days in Bandung after tomorrow. We wish them (Amert and Tobek) a great time and spread the words about this shitty label abroad successfully hahah!

New arrivals in distro list!!! (10 Apr 2009)

Killeur Calculateur CD -great post punk! (RM16ppd) 2 (NEW!)

Nostalgia ‘Neutral Kembali’ CD –Discography 2005 (RM15ppd) 4

Nuisance Drilled 'All is Well, Euphoric Ending' CDEP - sludge violence from Malaysia (RM11ppd) 10 NEW!

Running Riot -'Boots and Ballads' CD -new album from this Ireland punk band influenced by The Clash/Cock Sparrer RM16ppd 2

Second Combat/Motivation Split CD -modern hardcore M'sia/Hardcore (RM16) 3 NEW!

Straight Jacket Nation 'SEA Tour' cassette (RM8ppd) NEW!

V/A 'Lambination III' -worldwide punk rock comp from Ireland, including The Liberals (RM21ppd) 2

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ner23: V/A 'Does This Look Like a Punk Compilation?' CD

Artist(s) Name : Various (Punk rock)
Release title: Does This Look Like a Punk Compilation?
Country: Indonesia
Format: CD
Price: RM15/RM16 by mail
Release Date in Malaysia: 1st April 2009
Length: coming soon
Qty Press: 1000
Status: Sold Out :(

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: Louie LRP

1. Failing Forward -Grizzly Grimms
2. Mary Ann -Edelweiss
3. Sound Actually -Haru Jakarta
4. The Marmars -The KKK Took my Baby Away
5. Mr. Noly -My Angel Dream
6. The Brews -Little Cat
7. Out Step -Don't Back
8. Konflik -Idiot Wish
9. Lost Kids -Her
10. Buckskin Bugle -Teriakan Bebas
11. Sally Is Stupid -Jadilah
12. Fate For Logic -Setahun Yang Terindah
13. A Perfect Plan -The Present Song
14. LRP -Pesan Sebelum Pergi
15. Woody Wood Fuckers -Waiting For Nothing
16. 4Nufan -Anthem
17. Enter Your PUK -Reality
18. Sendal Jepit -Kita Semua Adalah
19. Hidden Message -Pesta Dansa
20. Middle Finger -Jari Tengah