Thursday, January 18, 2018

ner #50 Keledexx 'Demo 2017'

Artists' Names: Keledexx
Release title: Demo 2017
Country: Malaysia (Pahang)
Format: cassette
Price: RM12
Release Date: 27 December 2017

Status: Available

ner #49: Duckhead 'Always Late' CD

Artists' Names: Duckhead
Release title: Always Late
Country: Malaysia (Sepang)
Format: CD
Price: RM15
Release Date: 12th January 2018

Status: Available

ner #48: Gerodok/Kerna Dia split casette

Artists' Names: Gerodok / Kerna Dia
Release title: 'split'
Country: Malaysia (Sabah)
Format: cassette
Price: RM12
Release Date: June 2017

Status: Available

ner #47: Peligrosos 'Brainwash' cassette

Artist's Name: Peligrosos
Release title: Brainwash
Country: Malaysia (Sabah)
Format: cassette
Price: RM12
Release Date: April 2017

Status: Available

ner #46: Liberal Liberalis 'self-titled' cassette

Artist(s) Name: Liberal Liberalis
Release title: Liberal Liberalis
Country: Malaysia (Sarawak)
Format: CD
Price: RM12
Release Date: January 2017
Status: Available

Monday, May 23, 2016

We also carry these stuffs (Distro list end of May 2016)


Aksi Reaksi 2 (Dokumentasi Dum Dum Tak) RM15

Catatan Tak Keruan (sajak, anekdot, cerpen) RM20

Gila Muzik. Pengalaman hidup bermuzik oleh Meor (busker) RM20

How 60’s TV changed the 90’s: The OAG Story RM50

Kemenyan Book Ov Metal Sorcery  -Kemenyan (metal music zine) anthology RM34.

Mat Som (English) Lat’s graphic novel RM20

Social Carbon Copy (BM)– travelog band punk Spunky Funggy RM12

Social Carbon Copy (english)– punk band Spunky Funggy travelogue RM12


Distopia #00 – socio political zine by Amira Maisara RM2

Hvtam #2 interview Hellexist, Cendol’s Dead, Klabu Asap and Zuath Generation Distro RM4

Guane Gu? -zine mengumpulkan cerita-cerita dari Terengganu RM4.

Mosh #14 interview with Whatever That Means, Backyard Surgeons, Conscious, Scenery is free, etc RM5

Mosh #17 –daily life stories, interview Khottal, Iqbal M, Belacak, Con-damn The Corruptor, Aizat Tarmizi RM12

Pedal To The Metal #2 -bike metal punk zine, interview with HereafterUnveiled, etc. Free Sticker RM8

Small Man #6 interview with XRDM RM3

Untuk Mengubah Semuanya Cara Anarkis (alih Bahasa zine dari Crimethinc.) RM7


31st Street / Half-Asleep CD –poppunk split CD Singapore/Malaysia RM15

97 shiki / Bare Arms / Inquiry Last Scenery / Milvains CD – 4 way split of international post-punk and screamo bands

Always Last ‘Antidotes’ CD –sonic quality sounding melodic punk from KL RM15

Belacak ‘Lawan Tetap Lawan’ CDR –Bentong punk/oi RM5

Ben’s Bitches ‘National Disservice’ CD – KL humor poppunk RM20

Brayok ‘Let’s Go!’ CD – Malaysian melodic punk/reggae RM15

Carbon 4 Teen / TIM ‘crypto soldier’ split CD –tech melodic punk from Pontian/KL RM10

Dead Eyes Glow ‘In Search of Glory that we had Lost’ CD –Marang Metalcore RM15

Dum Dum Tak/Always Last CD –split melodic punk from KL RM12

Elemae / Memorial / Soon split CD –indie rock RM15

Family Man/ Michael Crafter / Injak Mati – SEA tour CD RM10

Francis Wolf ‘Hopefully Whenever’ CD –folk album RM20

Greenwell ‘Break Your Shell’ CD – Japanese skapunk RM20

Hurricane ‘In Vein’ CD – Negeri Sembilan mathcore RM15

Iron Cage ‘Nature Isn’t Mute, Modern Man is Deaf’ CD –Netherland 90’s emo hardcore RM2

I See Dumb People ‘Let’s Berdesup’ CD – Malaysian punk/ska RM15

Janitor ‘Bilik Janitor’ CD – KL-based post-punk/no-wave/noise RM10

Jellybelly / The Obvious ‘The Twosome Takeover’ split CD –poppunk Terengganu RM10

Moda Moody ‘Dan Rudies Terus Menari’ CD – mod/ska band RM5

Nameless ‘Art of Simple Music’ CDR –Johore poppunk RM9

Ninja Hathory CD –Indonesian thrashcore RM10

Nitad ‘Ibland Kan Man…’ CD –Swedish hardcore RM8

Not Things! ‘Wounded Dignity’ CD –poppunk from Kelantan RM10

Perek Kasi Gerek ‘Cynically Fast Runaway’ CD –Kedah fastcore RM10

Proletar/ Grind Buto / Onset Of Serious Problems ‘Deadly Mince Grinder’ split CD RM10

Rodeng Boys Club ‘Lost Lust Luck’ CD-R –Kuantan punk rock RM5

Sigmun ‘Extended Play MMXII’ CD –Indonesia psychedelic rock RM15

Silent Farewell ‘Docudrama’ CD –Indonesia melodic punk RM15

Sixth Dimension ‘Nikdy Nevis Kdy’ CD – Czech Republic Thrash Metal RM15

Skinbasher ‘Punkapak CDR – long running punk rock with heavy guitars RM10

Soul Savior ‘Punk My Ride’ CD –Temerloh melodic punk RM10

Steve Towson & The Conscripts / My Precious CD–Australian folk punk meets Singaporean emocore RM20

Terserah / Terlarang CD – split grind/power violence Indonesia and Malaysia RM10

The Hiroshima Lovers CD –Kuala Lumpur poppunk RM15

The Nationhead ‘Never Back-off’ CD – Sunway City Skinheads RM20

Toxictoy ‘Amazingly Realistic Puke’ CD –Jerantut poppunk RM10

V/A Battle On The Street CD –punk/oi/hardcore compilation RM20

V/A Deeper Underground CD –singaporean bands including Force Vomit, The Moderates, Ossuary RM15

V/A Give & Take CD –Malaysian melodic punk and indie compilation RM15

V/A Penentangan Berterusan CD –hardcore/punk compilation benefit for Rumah Api and The Wall. Free A3 poster. RM15

V/A Punkrock Paradox CD –skunkfix, stick no bill, brayok, the ray gradys RM10

Vivid Sekt ‘A Deception of Desire’ CD –anarcho punk from Portland discography RM10


97-shiki –chicago post-punk RM6

Cinta Si Penggali Kubur ‘Puisicore’ – black metal/stoner rock/puisi RM9

Corvus Coren/ Space Gambus Experiment split – sound collage / experimental / noise RM10

Hellexist / The Bollocks split EP –crust metal punk RM10

Hell Low / Azmyl Yunor ‘Pedra Branca’ EP –singapore meets Malaysian folk RM8

Joey Cape / Jon Snodgrass ‘Liverbirds’ –acoustic alternative by a punk rocker and southern rocker RM12

Pack! Man ‘crisis punk death’ –Keningau frantic hardcore punk RM8

Reach Out ‘Szolnok Fastcore’ – fastcore from Hungary. RM10

Simfoni Ketiak Beracun / Shit Noise Bastard split – poetry/experiment noise meets grindcore/noise RM8

The Bollocks demo tape reissue –Malaysian punk legends RM5

The Papas ‘Game Over’ ep –Kajang hardcore/punk/grind, free sticker RM10


Ben’s Bitches ‘Pakatan Maut’ –sizes S and M

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ner #45: Not Things! 'Wounded Dignity Demo'16' CD

Artist(s) Name: Not Things!
Release title: Wounded Dignity Demo'16
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM10
Release Date: 11 April 2016
Qty Press: 200 (first pressing)
Status: Available

Monday, February 15, 2016

ner #44 Rodeng Boys Club 'Lost Last Luck' CD-R

Artist(s) Name: Rodeng Boys Club
Release title: Lost Last Luck
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM5

Release Date in Malaysia: Feb 2016
Qty Press: 100
Status: Available 

For Fans of: Social Distortion, Hot Water Music, Leatherface.

ner #43 V/A Penentangan Berterusan (Malaysian HC/Punk compilation 2015/16) CD

Artist(s) Name :

fight field, triangle, derita terus, sharon stoned, nik salim dan saing-saing, benzoate, langgar lari, osmantikos, annihilation turbo kids, terssalahh, homerun, soul savior, jalan sehala, dum dum tak, bad idea, memorial, violent attack.

Release title: Penentangan Berterusan
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM15

Release Date in Malaysia: November 2015
Qty Press: 1000
Status: Available (free A3 poster)

Current Qty: 50

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Video: Nervhous Family Day '15

Thank You to Red Ink Media especially their videographer, Epul for this video. Thanx Red Ink for sponsoring the venue...we owe you guys big time!!

News for 2015!!!

Oh yes, if you've read a previous post, we have announced officially that we'll be no longer active and productive in the scene. But guess what??? After almost two years of hiatus, we decided to wake up from our sleep.

We have a few projects lined-up in the near future and currently in the process of recording!

a) 'Penentangan Berterusan' CD -A Malaysian hc/punk compilation. This is a co-release project. The main label behind this is Youth Crime Records. It's done to donate some amount of money to Rumah Api and The Wall (two punk houses/venues in Malaysia that had some problems/difficulties recently.)

b) Senandung Pawer-Kord 90an - After the success of Senandung Pawer-Kord compilation that we did with Red Ink Ent and Pissart Records a few years ago (the CDs are sold-out), we decided to have another series of it but this time around we'll be covering the 90's pop/ballads songs.

c) Dum Dum Tak full length demo/album CD (currently in recording process) at Red Ink Studios, Sri Kembangan.

Oh ya. On the other note, some of our CDs are available at these two stores;

a) Teenage Head Records, Subang Jaya.

b) SejahteraCo, Wisma Central, KL (near KLCC).

Thank you...

ner 41: Brayok 'Let's Go!' CD

Artist(s) Name : Brayok
Release title: Let's Go!

Country: Ipoh, Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM15

Release Date in Malaysia: June 2014
Qty Press: 500
Status: Available 

Current Qty: 30
Front cover artwork by:

Track List:

1. My Malaysia
2. Suara Pemuda
3. Hikayat Penuh Sakti
4. Dunia Perlumbaan
5. Shitworker
6. Muke Taik
7. Penjenama Menjana Kesesatan
8. Berdiri di Tepi Sebelah Kiri
9. Young Guns
10. Jammin'
11. Lagu Rakyat
12. Brayok Mok