Sunday, October 4, 2015

Video: Nervhous Family Day '15

Thank You to Red Ink Media especially their videographer, Epul for this video. Thanx Red Ink for sponsoring the venue...we owe you guys big time!!

News for 2015!!!

Oh yes, if you've read a previous post, we have announced officially that we'll be no longer active and productive in the scene. But guess what??? After almost two years of hiatus, we decided to wake up from our sleep.

We have a few projects lined-up in the near future and currently in the process of recording!

a) 'Penentangan Berterusan' CD -A Malaysian hc/punk compilation. This is a co-release project. The main label behind this is Youth Crime Records. It's done to donate some amount of money to Rumah Api and The Wall (two punk houses/venues in Malaysia that had some problems/difficulties recently.)

b) Senandung Pawer-Kord 90an - After the success of Senandung Pawer-Kord compilation that we did with Red Ink Ent and Pissart Records a few years ago (the CDs are sold-out), we decided to have another series of it but this time around we'll be covering the 90's pop/ballads songs.

c) Dum Dum Tak full length demo/album CD (currently in recording process) at Red Ink Studios, Sri Kembangan.

Oh ya. On the other note, some of our CDs are available at these two stores;

a) Teenage Head Records, Subang Jaya.

b) SejahteraCo, Wisma Central, KL (near KLCC).

Thank you...

ner 41: Brayok 'Let's Go!' CD

Artist(s) Name : Brayok
Release title: Let's Go!

Country: Ipoh, Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM15

Release Date in Malaysia: June 2014
Qty Press: 500
Status: Available 

Current Qty: 30
Front cover artwork by:

Track List:

1. My Malaysia
2. Suara Pemuda
3. Hikayat Penuh Sakti
4. Dunia Perlumbaan
5. Shitworker
6. Muke Taik
7. Penjenama Menjana Kesesatan
8. Berdiri di Tepi Sebelah Kiri
9. Young Guns
10. Jammin'
11. Lagu Rakyat
12. Brayok Mok