Thursday, May 28, 2009

kekasih separuh masa on our rooster!

Welcome to the latest addition on our rooster, Partimelovers. Visit them here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

punk rock bowling pics (all pics by fahmi FSF)

Penjatuh pin paling banyak jatuh pada Kerol Spanky! Yeay!
Penjatuh Pin Paling Sikit jatuh kepada Syuhada Choy... :|

Team Gelak Khas
Team Shit-Talkers United
Team apekah name?
Team Set Kito (team paling bnyk jatuh pin)
Team Goreng Pisang Panas
Team Lengan Kuat

Congrats pada semua, sila berlatih untuk Punk Rock Bowling 2010

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tomorrow is post-office day

Mailorder is cool.

But keep it mind that we're NOT doing this label full-time. We normally go to the post-office once or twice a week depending on orders. Don't expect us to mail your stuffs as soon as we receive your money.


p/s: we are having a red-colored envelopes season now!
p/s2: we're having free stickers with all mail-order starting from now, so start ordering!

Monday, May 11, 2009

ner24: Repoman/Scum System Kill 'SEA TOUR' CDR

Artist(s) Name : Repoman (hc/punk)/Scum System Kill (crustcore)
Release title: SEA Tour
Country: Sydney, Australia
Format: CDR
Price: RM6/RM7 by mail
Release Date: 22/5/2009
Qty Press: 100
Status: Out Of Stock

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: unknown


Profits will be used to support the tour.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


last night some of us had a “healthy” discussion after Wan Hazril confronted some of the guys in Dum Dum Tak stances in certain issues. Well I think i’m also involved now in these issues since they’re in the band that i’m also in.

i shouldn’t speak on behalf of them. but from what i understand, the issue started with a small (to me it’s small) MISUNDERSTANDING. and you guys conformists just spreading and shit-talking about this guy without confronting him like what Wan did last night. you guys are the coward here. you just listen to one party, one side of story. me, i think i already listened to both parties. eventhough Amert is close to me, heck i met him every week, 2-3 times a week now but still it’s hard for me to determine which ones are saying the truth. i’m close to him doesnt mean i have to believe him since i know him not more than 3 years (?).

IF really he used to be racist, i think he already learned the mistakes. and that’s the purpose of living (to me). TO FUCKING LEARN.

i think this is same old bullshit repeating itself. if your friend/some influential party boycotts a person, you will boycott too, spread the thing when you don’t go and speak and get the explanation from that person yourself.

i know hc/punk and the world don’t have space for all these racists, homophobes, sexists blah blah you know. BUT there are always space to learn from mistake, change, be a better person…

i personally would love if the people who involved in those incidents themselves write here/somewhere explaining. or better meet and discuss. but last night, when we were discussing this, confronting each others,… some of the persons who spread the story were there and i’m sure they know we’re talking about this, why you just go away?? why you guys don’t come and listen and say what you heard, what you know and clear things up and stuffs? why? running from problem will never solve any issues.

and the saddest part of the story to me is all these happened because of a misunderstanding incident that he already cleared with those involved (from what i know). not a real racist case at all. NOT A RACIST CASE AT ALL.

now i have a question since i heard the rumors so I want the answer, i heard some of the guys in Gangbuster new line-up used to beat the hell out of foreign workers and throw them in the longkang and stuffs to pow money for beer. if that’s true, i hope they already changed. i heard that the OLD line-ups were really good and succeed in getting rid all of the nazis in Penang awhile ago. that’s why they are invited to play at Cherating’s anti-racist gig this 30th May.

“if this is hardcore, hey i’m staying with punk rock”

Thursday, May 7, 2009

4 Nervhous bands @ Peace Gig 2 30/5/09

Dum Dum Tak, Dully Dog, 50k Promises and Brayok will be playing at Cherating come this 30th May 2009 along with our good friends (see flyer below), the theme is against racism and also gathering bands from the A//Mince studio era...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i hate mailorder and i don't go to gigs, i wanna buy at the shops...

If you need to buy our stuffs at the shops, here are the list of outlets carrying SOME of our stuffs. Price might be varied, try to negotiate as lowest as you can. If you want it cheaper, contact us. Bank-in or mailing well-hidden cash is most of the time cheaper.


Ricecooker Shop
Sub Basement 18, Bangunan Cahaya Suria, Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin,
Kuala Lumpur, 50050 MALAYSIA

No. 17 1st Floor, Jalan 2A/27A, Section 1, Bandar Baru Wangsa Maju.

Tools N Trade
Campbell Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Dolls Store
87, Basement, Jln Bulan, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


Itudio Studio
31D-2, (Level 2) Kelana Mall, Jalan SS 6/12, Petaling Jaya.


Muixs Streetwear Shop
B.12, Gerai Pelbagai MBKT berhampiran dengan Terminal Bas Kuala Terengganu


Attack! Attack! Studio,
2nd Floor, Bangunan Yusmah, Tanjung Chat, Kota Bharu


Crossover Bundle
Central Square, Sg. Petani


766, North Bridge Road, Singapore 198734.