Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ner 34: Bollok Wok vol. 4

Artist(s) Name :
Whippersnapper, CockSayCockDung, Kasih Sayang, Stone Lemon, Maverick, Superzealous, Never Found, The Let's Go, 24 Caliberletter, ClumsyRuby, The Guaner & Dead Eyes Glow.
Genre: Punk Rock, Metalcore, Grunge & Indie.
Release title: Bollok Wok Vol. 4 (Revolution)
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD-R
Price: RM6/RM7 by mail (RM10 for Pos Ekspres)
Release Date in Malaysia: 1 July 2010

Qty Press: 100
Status: out of stock

Current Qty: 0
Front cover artwork by: Anyx Crysis


1. C++ (whippersnapper)
2. Moron (cocksaycockdung)
3. N.I.S.B (cocksaycockdung)
4. Plastik (kasih sayang)
5. Spider Web (kasih sayang)
6. Destiny (Stone Lemon)
7. Shadow (stone lemon)
8. Nude & Clear (Maverick)
9. Story Untold (Maverick)
10. Runaway (Superzealous)
11. Operasi Malam (Never Found)
12. Wanderlast (Whippersnapper)
13. Be Yourself (The Let's Go)
14. Desperateyana (24 Caliberletter)
15. Twelvefiftytwo (24 Caliberletter)
16. My Dreamlover is a Punk Hater (Clumsy Ruby)
17. Have A Nice Day (Clumsy Ruby)
18. Situasi (The Guaner)
19. Burn Down Escuria (Dead Eyes Glow)
20. Deathstar and the bloody skies (Dead Eyes Glow)
21. Song for Friends (The Let's Go)

Notes: The forth installment of Bollok Wok compilation series that documents Terengganu independent and hardcore punk bands. A project by Crysis Records with the support from Nervhous Records

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