Monday, September 14, 2009

Releases List

Nervhous Records releases so far:

ner01| The Mojos cappuccino sold here reh tape (sold out)
ner02| Jellybelly waiting for the last semester vacation demo tape (sold out)
ner03| V/A bollok wok vol. 2 tape (sold out)
ner04| Dully Dog nobody understands demo tape (sold out)
ner05| Dully Dog pictures of you demo cdr (sold out)
ner06| V/A bonds of old skool cd (sold out)
ner07| Inikah Hidup soundtracks of war and destruction cd (sold out)
ner08| Jellybelly/The Obvious the making of... vcdr (sold out)
ner09| Jellybelly/The Obvious the twosome takeover split cd
ner10| Spit End wise is he who he knows that he doesn't know cdr (sold out)
ner11| 50 K promises 2 hours and still waiting cd ep
ner12| Marjinal predator double cassette (sold-out)
ner13 | V/A Bollok Wok vol. 3 cd (back in stock!)
ner14 | The Goodnite Goodies fictitious:repackage cdr (sold-out)
ner15 | V/A Punk Rock Paradox cd: Skunkfix, Stick No Bill, Brayok, The Ray Gradys
ner 16 | Straight Answer 'Discography' CD
ner16.5 | Rebel For X Soft Touch cd-r
ner17 | Skunkfix The First Two Demos cdr (sold-out)
ner18 | Always Last s/t cdr (sold-out)
ner19 | Cock Say Cock Dung Kronik Kronism cdr (last 2 copies)
ner20 | Dum Dum Tak Hentikan Penindasan CD
ner21 | Last Strive Kuasa Kita CD
ner22 | Channel X 'Come Again' ep cdr
ner23 | V/A 'Does This Look Like a Punk comp?' CD (sold out)
ner24 | Repoman/Scum System Kill 'SEA Tour Promo' cdr (last two copies)
ner25 | Mozak/Rotten Charles Manson 'split' CD (last copy)
ner26 | V/A Senandung Pawer-Kord CD
ner27 | Always Last Antidotes CD (last 5 copies)
ner28 | Toxictoy 'Amazingly Realistic Puke!' cdep (last 8 copies)
ner29 | V/A Time Is Monkey CD (last 2 copies)
ner29.5 | Whippersnapper ' Demo 2009' CDR
ner 30 | Stick No Bill 'Nobody' CDR (sold out)
ner 31 | Never Found 'Nothing's Free' CDR (NEW!)ner 32 | Thy Regiment 'Forgive and Forget' CD (NEW!)
ner 33 | Johnny Not Gangster 'Only Walk' CDR (NEW!)
ner 34 | V/A Bollok Wok vol. 4 CDR (last copy)
ner 35 | Soul Savior 'Punk My Ride' CD
ner 36 | TIM/Carbon4Teen 'Crypto Soldier and the Promised Land' CD
ner 37 | Seven Crowns 'Sun Skulls' cassette
ner 38.5 | Always Last/Dum Dum Tak 'In Defense of Pop Punk' CDR

ner 38 | Always Last/ Dum Dum Tak split CD 
ner 39 | V/A Give & Take comp. CD

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

ner26: V/A Senandung Pawer-Kord CD

Artist(s) Name : Various (Punk rock/Indie)
Release title: Senandung Pawer-Kord
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM15/RM16 by mail
Release Date: 12 September 2009
Length: coming soon
Qty Press: 1000
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 50
Front cover artwork by: Napi Stick No Bill

1. T.I.M - Dia (Sheila Majid)
2. Carbon 4 Teen - Gadis Ayu (Black Dog Bone)
3. Toxictoy - Antara Cinta dan Kasih (Aishah)
4. 679 - Chow Kitt Road (Sudirman)
5. Half-Asleep - Sinaran (Sheila Majid)
6. Skunkfix - Masih Aku Terasa (Gersang)
7. Killing Steward - Basikal Tua (Sudirman)
8. The Liberals - Penganggur (Sudirman)
9. Soul Savior - Khabar Buat Ibu (Alleycats)
10. Stick No Bill - Hanya Di Radio (Headwind)
11. Cock Say Cock Dung - Suratan Takdir (Gersang)
12. Sally Faerie - Wajah Rahsia Hati (Fauziah Ahmad Daud)
13. Always Last - Persamaan (Freedom)
14. Geng Gemok Keji - Hingga Akhir Nanti (Alleycats)
15. Moda Moody - Gadis Dan Bunga (Rahimah Rahim)
16. Sleepyjeremy - Ayahku Dan Angkasawan (Kembara)
17. Dum Dum Tak - Rupa Tanpa Wajah (Kembara)

Notes: This is a compilation of Malaysian 80's pop songs covered and ruined with these bands own styles.