Monday, December 13, 2010

ner36: Carbon4'Teen/T.I.M split CD

Artist(s) Name :
Carbon4'Teen (poppunk, punk rock, hardcore) and T.I.M (punk rock)
Release title: Crypto-Soldier and the Promised Land
Country: Malaysia
Format: CD
Price: RM10/RM10 by mail
Release Date in Malaysia: 14 December 2010
Qty Press: 1000 (we got 150 copies)
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 80
Front cover artwork by: Apis C14


1. Envious (C14)
2. ^ killed, 9 badly Injured (C14)

3. Thing (C14)
4. The Betrayal Song (C14)
5. RFS (Hypocriite) (C14)
6. Sejahtera Keatas Mu (TIM)
7. Coming Back (TIM)
8. Sparks from up high is the way to go (TIM)
9. Lesu (TIM)
10. Bertaut Berpaut (TIM)

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