Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tribute To Hi Standard

So, yeah i decided to dedicate my Sunday to update the distro stuffs. Enjoy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

ner25: Rotten Charles Manson/Mozak

Artist(s) Name : Mozak (grindcore), Rotten Charles Manson (grindcore)
Release title: Mozak/Rotten Charles Manson split
Country: Malaysia/Slovenia
Format: CD
Price: RM10 by hand/RM11ppd
Release Date: June 2009
Length: -
Qty Press: 50 copies available from Nervhous
Status: Available :)

Current Qty: 1
Front cover artwork by: Arip


1.Mesto Mrtvih (Mozak)
2.Bullshit Religion (Mozak)
3.Pozabi Na Use (Mozak)
4.Mozak (Mozak)
5.Iz Obupa (Mozak)
RCM Side
6.Slaughter of Innocence (RCM)
7.Bastard Nation (RCM)
8.Thoughtcrime (RCM)
9.Free and Equal (RCM)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

The MONKEY Has Escaped!

The latest compilation we joined co-releasing is out now in Indonesia. It'll take some time for it to arrive in Malaysia, we'll notify you guys once we got our copies...Nervhous bands on this compilation are T.I.M, Always Last and Cock Say Cock Dung...