Saturday, April 25, 2009

we are not here just for music

Just now I was in the car with Zaki and we chatted about the scene, and as usual, the good old days and stuffs. We were talking about lack of zines nowadays and how the ethics are being left out by some of us who take hardcore and punk as just music.

Thus, I got an idea to make a campaign, a small campaign. How? At the back of each releases we're doing after this, we'll put a small line stating something like Nervhous and (insert band name) are totally against sexism, racism, fascism, and homophobic.

Well, Always Last already did it on their self-titled demo. Remember how Strange Culture Records always have this anti drugs abusing on each of their releases, yes something like that!

So, other labels can do the same, you know nowadays fanzines are rare to be seen at gigs. If there's any, some kids don't bother to buy and read them anyway. So, this way, I think maybe at least the kids can look up on the google the meaning of these words and not assuming that punk rock is all about going to shows, buy shirts and make a band only.

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