Friday, April 10, 2009

New arrivals in distro list!!! (10 Apr 2009)

Killeur Calculateur CD -great post punk! (RM16ppd) 2 (NEW!)

Nostalgia ‘Neutral Kembali’ CD –Discography 2005 (RM15ppd) 4

Nuisance Drilled 'All is Well, Euphoric Ending' CDEP - sludge violence from Malaysia (RM11ppd) 10 NEW!

Running Riot -'Boots and Ballads' CD -new album from this Ireland punk band influenced by The Clash/Cock Sparrer RM16ppd 2

Second Combat/Motivation Split CD -modern hardcore M'sia/Hardcore (RM16) 3 NEW!

Straight Jacket Nation 'SEA Tour' cassette (RM8ppd) NEW!

V/A 'Lambination III' -worldwide punk rock comp from Ireland, including The Liberals (RM21ppd) 2

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  1. Thanks for carrying ND cdep. Thank you once again.