Saturday, February 14, 2009

stuff review 2-Half-Asleep 'self-titled' cdr

Half-Asleep ‘self-titled’ ep cdr (self-released) @ KL Indie Fest 2008

When Blink 182 just came out with enema of the state album, I was hooked to it but never really memorize the lyrics or anything like that. They’re just a bunch of crazy minded rock stars that wants attention from the people who follow the music industry. In later years, there were many drummers who tried to copy travis barker’s style of drumming. And not just that, they even dress like this guy and even had that TV tattoo on their stomach with non-permanent marker I guess! This is one of the bands that have the drumming style like Travis Barker. Every time they play, all eyes will be stuck on the drummers move and some even took video of the drummer only for this band without the other members. Hahahha! Anyway, I’m such a sucker for poppunk and I love this band. The drumming is like blink-182 but musically, they sound like a lot of big poppunk bands that have heavy emo touch in their songs and lyrics. Quite cool for someone who were born in the 80’s like me. There are also songs about hating poseur emo kids, and the whole punk kids thingy. But I don’t quite agree with the line ‘we are the kids who hate government’. I guess most punk kids don’t hate government, there are just certain (and many) policies, rules and decisions that the government made that are injustice, exploiting that shouldn’t exist that these kids are against. Anyway, I love most of the songs on this CD and some of the songs even being featured on ‘K.A.M.I’ TV series. The version I got was the first pressing and the front cover is colored using color pencil while the inside inlay was written using hand and I find that cool. But I saw the latest version of this CD is using computerize design which is a turn off. But yeah, again…who the heck wants to buy a poppunk CD with hand-writing design??

Notes: First pressing using color pencils!
Quantity left: 1
Price: RM6 by hand/RM7ppd

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