Saturday, February 14, 2009

stuff review 1-sally faerie 'dreamlands under' cdr

Sally Faerie ‘Dreamlands Under’ cd-r (Record Lusuh)

In 1999, when I put out a couple of issues of Mosh zine, Su posted me her zine, "Punctual" for trade. We kept in touch. We met couple of times in Kuantan and Shah Alam, I followed and watched her jamming with her band in 2001. The band still active till now and late last year, I got their CDs.

SF plays poppunk/indie pop the 90’s style with strong Weezer influence. The first track ‘One Day’ once appeared in ‘Peachy Little Secrets’, a compilation by Fruit Records (the label who put out Mocca CDs in Singapore). The third track is having the most ‘punkish’ sound, and it’s a malay number entitled ‘Bukan Maksudmu’. I watched this band playing last New Year ’s Eve in KL, and they did a cover version of a Cindy Lauper song and also ‘Bukan Maksudmu’ and I found myself singing along. The closing track the instrumental version of the first song, but they only remove the main vocals and remain the backing vocals. Certainly my cup of tea!

Notes: Comes with full color slip-in cover
Price: RM7ppd
Quantity in distro: 3

@ Soho, KL 31 Dec 2008

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  1. Rase mcm knal je budak2 ni...from batu pahat eh?gimme one CD!!