Monday, January 19, 2009

The Humble Start

Nervhous started with one kid who just buy extra copies of stuffs he likes (mostly cassettes from local bands at that time) to sell it to friends around him. This little activity were first known as Batman Distro, but never had a distro list or stuffs like that. Then, he planned to gather some bands to put out out a compilation under Sixth Sense Records, but it didn't pull through.

He later played in a band, Jellybelly. In order to release the band's material, they started Nervous Entertainment in 2000. The main guys behind the label is Nizang and Shah. Before they released their demo tape, they released another demo tape from their friends' band, The Mojos. Later on, we joined to release a compilation tape, Bollok Wok vol. 2, released some more tapes and CDs and the label is still active in releasing stuffs (CDs and cassettes) till today.

The initial plan wat to help releasing our hometown and friends' bands then changed. We expand with bands from all over the country as well as releasing Malaysian pressing of stuffs from foreign bands.

In 2006, they had to change the name to Nervhous when a long-running UK rockabilly with the same name emailed them in anger and a threat.

Nervhous Records now still operates as a label and distro with people like Amert (Stick No Bill) Fael (Skunkfix), Tobek (Always Last), Shah (The Mindless Show), etc.

We also formed a sub-label named Skullitica to produce merchandises from our bands and friends' bands like shirts, buttons, caps, etc.

Shah and Nizang in Dungun, circa 2001

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