Monday, May 27, 2013

Nervhous Records 1999-2013

Yesterday I announced on facebook that Nervhous Records is dead. To make it official, this is the press statement. There are a few factors;

1. I no longer have interest in releasing bands nor organizing music events. Some people think that I still organize gigs but the true fact is gigs like The Casualties, Anti-Flag that happened recently here were organized by friends especially Apis Red Ink Ent, Amert and Sanchez. I didn't even go to The Casualties gig nor took part in organizing it. The same goes with Anti-Flag, I didn't help anything besides posting the poster to the web. Then I went the show. I rarely go to gigs after marriage (exactly 2 years ago!). I only go to gigs that my band play and gigs held nearby my place. The eagerness of checking out new bands also faded. Maybe jaded. I only listen to the bands and music I've known and liked. Some bands are still hoping to get to be under the label and some still asked when are we going to organize a gig, so it's better to make an official announcement.

2. CDs don't sell well these days. Releasing CDs meaning you have to run from your job to go and print and press the CDs at the plants. It's tiring, furthermore it doesn't sell like it used to be. Certain titles sold very well and sold-out such as Dum Dum Tak's 'Hentikan Penindasan', Always Last's 'Antidotes' and Toxictoy's 'Amazingly Realistic Puke!'. One of the reasons is because I rarely go to gigs, maybe. We still have a lot of stock for other titles.

3. I'm sick. Yes, literally. Both my kidneys are failing since 2006 and it's getting worse every year. I'm constantly seeking for alternative treatments and it costs a lot. So, if running a record label consume time and money plus not enough in return, it's better to stop and have more rest and pray to God for recovery.

4. Family. Need to spend more time with the young family especially on weekends. Plus need to commit with day job since you don't wanna get fired because you're always away printing and pressing CDs. Distro still running though because I can run to the post office for awhile during office hours.

Somehow, we still have two releases coming out soon. Green Well's 'Break Your Shell' CD and Brayok's 'Let's Go!' CD. Both CDs will be pressed limited to 500 pcs only. Green Well is from Japan and playing ska punk. They're playing a show in KL this Monday. Check them out.

I still stock zines, and do CD trades and sell them online and at some events. I still love reading zines and read about punk rock and manage a blog about zines

Thanks to everyone who helped me out a lot especially Shah (Jellybelly), Amert, Sanchez, Tobek, Shahrizal, Apis, Shaun, Fazri, Tim, Napi, Salman, Fara, Joe Kidd, Aniq, Khabir and there are hundreds more name to thank. It was a good roller coaster ride, making a lots of friends and learning things (and masam-masam muka, puak-puak too!).


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  1. Good luck nizang for everything you do. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan. Have a great day ahead. InsyaAllah.