Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 new zines available!


-Shutdown 2.0 -ramblings about life, living within the 'system', interviews with Joe Kidd, Lee (Biodegradable Material zine/ex-Pilgrims/ex-Dung) and Mamink (17 years old punk artists/writer of Freaxx zine). RM2 (zine) + RM1 (postage)

-Love Grass zine #6 -Putrid Pile bio, interview with Liberal Liberalis, Aziz Vortex From The East zine, zine history, etc... RM2
-Punkcaroba #6
New issue from Sabah, Malaysia punk rock zine.
Medium: Bahasa
Price: RM4/RM5 by mail


Updates about editor's life.
Phantom Limb (Sarawak DIY store/space).
Column: Kita dan ideology ciptaan kita by Ray.
Interview: Johnny Rocket (Germany) in English.
Recipe: Nasi Goreng Punk Rock for FNB
Ranau hc/punk Scene Report
Column: Welder dan Punk Rock
zine reviews, music reviews
Article as a feedback to an article in Karisma Magazine:
Beza Definisi politik punk dan Metal dan masalanya.
Column: Live Up Your Dream (in English)
Interview: Dance On Your Grave
a writing about Riot Grrrl
Article: Mempersalahkan, disalahkan atau bagi ruang?
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat Trip and gig report
news, arts, photos...  

BP: This zine has improved a lot compared to its previous issues. Congrats Mavin! 
DRSA #12
writings in bahasa melayu about life, social and economy. interview with Alep (Kg Baru activist) on Kg. Baru documentary movie, Fara Fox (ReasonToResist), Nana & Ummi (Emo-C zine), reviews, puisi, dll... RM4 

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