Monday, December 19, 2011

Year End Note/Newsletter

Assalamualaikum/Peace be upon you. 

Thanks to all our friends who have been supporting us by purchasing the stuffs, coming to the gigs, join or invite us in any projects/events, or just by saying hello on FB or face to face. You guys rock. It has been a good and VERY BUSY year for us at Nervhous Records/Family.

Quite a few of us tied the knot this year; Nizang, Shah&Norly, Tobek, Ajai, Munet, Napi, Angah and Red. Napi (The Korok), Eman (Toxictoy), Jijoe (The Korok) and Bulat (Always Last) got cute babies this year. Good luck for them in becoming punk rock fathers. We also got into other activities; religious classes, book writing and publishing, bike polo, new jobs, new study places, new life tasks, moving to new houses/places. Sorry if I left any names out. 

Thanks and congratulations to Sanchez, Apis and Amert for organizing the Casualties gig in KL recently.

InsyaAllah, in 2012, we will resume our half-way done projects that were stopped because of other commitments; Dum Dum Tak/Always Last split CD and Give & Take compilation.

Thank You. We will see you around.

Nervhous Records/Distro.

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