Sunday, December 13, 2009

We have BROKEN NEEDLE CDs for you!

This disc compiles 26 tracks from Los Angeles, CA's Broken Needle, with the eight tracks from their demo, 10 tracks from their Lengua Armada 12", five tracks from their Schizophrenic Records 7", two comp tracks and a previously unreleased Uniform Choice cover.

1. My Rules (demo)
2. Waste Away (demo)
3. Who The Fuck Are You (demo)
4. It Makes Me Sick (demo)
5. Off The Wall (demo)
6. Words Of Abuse (demo)
7. Revenge (demo)
8. Sometimes (demo)
9. My Rules
10. Waste Away
11. Who The Fuck Are You
12. Cash In
13. It Makes Me Sick
14. Sometimes
15. Off The Wall
16. Consequences
17. Words Of Abuse
18. Revenge
19. Hey You
20. Bring Out Your Dead
21. Right Thing
22. Trust Again
23. Time For Liars
24. Trash This Place
25. Has Been
26. Use Your Head (previously unreleased)

we have 2 copies left for Broken Needles japan tour CDs! RM21ppd or RM20 by hand. TQ!

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