Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nervhous "Struck A Nerve" Tour 2010!

(Most of these dates are still tentative...)

december: 12/12 -Kuala Terengganu - Toxictoy, Sleepyjeremy, etc.

january: 2/1 -Paka - AL, SNB, Toxictoy, Skunkfix, DDT, etc.

february: 15/2 -Temerloh- Soul Savior, Toxictoy, AL, Brayok, etc.

20/3 - Batu Pahat -
AL, Skunkfix, C14, etc.

21/3 - Johore Bharu -
C14, AL, Skunkfix, Sleepyjeremy, SNB, Sally faerie, etc.


8/5 - Ipoh - Brayok, Soul Savior, SNB, GGK, Sleepyjeremy...

22/5 - Melaka - AL, C14, etc.

Sg. Petani-
DDT, SNB, TIM, Toxictoy, PKG, Last Strive & Penang - Skunkfix, AL

June: Sabah - DDT, AL, Skunkfix, Toxictoy/ Ipoh - Brayok/Soul Savior, C14, AL

july: Bangkok- DDT, AL/Kuala Lumpur - ...

november: Indonesia?

AL-Always Last, DDT - Dum Dum Tak, SNB - Stick No Bill, C14 -Carbon 4 Teen

confirmed dates and venues in red color!

if you are from any of these places, and can help us arranging/booking gig venues and equipments at your place, do text us...

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